6 May 2014

Appledore and The Moor

Come to think of it, I haven't explored London or England as much in the last six months I have been here. I have been really enjoying exploring thoughts and ideas triggered by classes, people I meet, or even the mundane activities of life in New Cross. But last week, after a couple of week of day-night self-disciplining to write the essays I needed to submit, I packed my bags and went off to join some friends in Devon. We stayed near Appledore, a small quaint port town in the area.

The trip was simply pleasant: quaint cottages and tea houses near the coast line where not a lot was happening but one gets a sense of quiet and serenity; vast moors of Exmoor where emptiness and vacant space became the means of its existence; and wandering drives that took you to tunnels of trees, fences of bluebells, and a coastal cliff of an old military base (complete with a gate that restrict passes and a radar dome!).

A year would be too short to even cover London and its multi-fa├žade characters, and UK is huge with as much surprises and exquisite findings. I'm a bit nervous with preparing dissertation in this last four months while trying to cramp as much traveling as possible. But, oh well, we need to keep moving don't we?

Images are taken in Appledore, Exmoor, Westward Ho!, and Hartland. May, 2014.

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